Hello! I'm Chibuzo 👋🏾

I'm a Software Engineer based in the Greater Seattle Area. I've been building web applications for the past 7 years with a focus on client facing technologies and software. I have experience working with fast-paced startups and agencies, as well as larger corporations.

I enjoy challenging myself and I'm passionate about building beautiful, intuitive and user-friendly products. I learn quickly and feel the best teams are collaborative, supportive and in tune with users needs.

Outside of work, I'm an avid fiction reader and I enjoy powerlifting in the gym. I will drink coffee occasionally if necessary 😊.

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Wedding Website

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Stripe, FlutterWave

A wedding website to allow guests RSVP and give towards our Registry

HTML, CSS, React

A simple to do app that allows a user to track their daily tasks efficiently

To-Do App (Coming Soon)

HTML, CSS, React

Front end flow for a food delivery application that allows a user to pick food options to be delivered to their home

Food Delivery App (Coming Soon)

HTML, CSS, React

A simple way to search for programming books using the Udacity API

My Reads