Software Engineer, based in Seattle, focused on Front-End technologies. I enjoy building accessible, intuitive and user-friendly products and experimenting with ways to convey delight through development.



Seattle, WA

Software Engineer

May 2020 - Present

Building internal tools to help our Photo Studios create and manage more than a million selling digital assets for the Nordstrom website using NodeJS, React, Angular and mySQL


Seattle, WA

Front-End Engineer

Apr 2019 - Feb 2020

Created internal data visualization tools and dashboards using react-vis to help business managers service client accounts


Toronto, Canada

Front-End Developer

Mar 2018 - Aug 2018

Implemented several features for Ada's AI-powered platform that enables enterprise businesses around the world to automate customer support


Burlington, Canada

Front-End Developer

June 2017 - Nov 2017

Built and maintained award winning websites for clients like WorldVision and Tarbutt

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Wedding Website

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Stripe, FlutterWave

A wedding website to allow guests RSVP and give towards our Registry

HTML, CSS, React

A simple to do app that allows a user to track their daily tasks efficiently

To-Do App (Coming Soon)

HTML, CSS, React

Front end flow for a food delivery application that allows a user to pick food options to be delivered to their home

Food Delivery App (Coming Soon)

HTML, CSS, React

A simple way to search for programming books using the Udacity API

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